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- Phil Collier -

- Mountaineering & Climbing Instructor (formely MIA)

- Development Climbing Coach

- Trail Cycle Leader (MBLA)

- Level 2 Paddlesport Coach

- Accessibility Climbing Technical Advisor

GCSE, A Level & Vocational BTec PE ASSESSMENTS

Having taught PE for 20years, I have worked across most syllabi. I have assessed Level 2 & Level 3 courses both indoors and out.


I highly recommend that students work towards achieveing recognised accreditations to support their assessments which typically cannot be viewed at moderations unless fortunate enough to have a climbing facility onsite. Working towards certificates and competitions indoor are a fun and easy way for students to track their progress over time whilst contributing towards their GCSE attainment.


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Video Resources

2. Helmet &

Harness Fitting

3. Re-tied Fig 8

& Stopper knots

4. Descending

a route

5. Safe Independent Belaying

7. Pre-climb Checklist

10. Effective Bouldering & Traversing

11. Climbing Communication

12. Grading Systems

14/15. Modern Belay Devices & Holding a Fall

18. Equipment for Indoor Climbers

19. Climbing Techniques

20. Additional Knots

20. Using Ground Anchors

Climbing on Indoor Walls

Your Assessment


Supporting Material


Personal Climbing Logbook

It is a great idea to log the routes you complete. You can track improvements against the the criteria.


Double click & Print off as many as you need

pencil self assessment


Climbing Self-Assessment

This tracking sheet allows you to assess your skills and set targets for the next session.


A great idea to bring this to you first session.

pencil trem pelvoux mk