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From September 2015 I will be assessing GCSE PE students following the Edexcel syllabus by the criteria below.


As a course director for The 'National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme', I highly recommend that students work towards achieveing their NICAS Levels. It is a fun and easy way for students to track their progress over time whilst contributing towards their GCSE attainment.


Schools that book for assessment will recieve an email from me informing them of the 'Meeting Local Needs' process. This is an easy process required by 'Edexcel' to get your scores accredited. This must be submitted before the end of October of the assessing year.

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2014 GCSE PE Syllabus

Video resources will be added soon!

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Video Resources

2. Helmet &

Harness Fitting

3. Re-tied Fig 8

& Stopper knots

4. Descending

a route

5. Safe Independent Belaying

7. Pre-climb Checklist

10. Effective Bouldering & Traversing

11. Climbing Communication

12. Grading Systems

14/15. Modern Belay Devices & Holding a Fall

18. Equipment for Indoor Climbers

19. Climbing Techniques

20. Additional Knots

20. Using Ground Anchors

Climbing on Indoor Walls

Your Assessment


Supporting Material


Personal Climbing Logbook

It is a great idea to log the routes you complete. You can track improvements against the the criteria.


Double click & Print off as many as you need

pencil self assessment


Climbing Self-Assessment

This tracking sheet allows you to assess your skills and set targets for the next session.


A great idea to bring this to you first session.